This mail is pretty simple, so it has an alias domain

You can reach it via either domain below.

XYA Mail (upgraded from

I use the system for myself everyday, it has the following advantages.

  • Simple, fast, no ADs.
  • Good delivery quality. The outgoing messages use commercial SMTP relay.
  • Webmail powered by Squirrelmail, which is clean and lite, even doesn't require JS to work.
  • Every main account at has got the same alias at automatically.
  • You can add your own alias domain, all messages sent to the domain email will be forwarded to your main account.
  • User can access email from either webmail or clients, both in secure way.

Below is the screenshot for webmail with multi-sender identity.

What you see from the screenshot has three senders included:

  • The main account at, which is used for login.
  • User's alias domain email, which can be any address since catchall for alias domain is enabled.
  • System alias at

If you have any interests in this mail service, please don't hesitate to drop me an email.

Drop me an email