Today free email is still an important communication tool. The main players in email industry are those big ones.

From my wide test on different production and long time in user experience, I found gmail is still the best.

Though there are many other competitions but they have different issues.

  • Gmail - The best. easy to use, stable quality on both mail delivery and receiving. fast webmail and mobile access.
  • Outlook - Good integration with windows OS. poor delivery quality. Their mobile App is developed by labs in Suzhou, CN, who brings the worse QA.
  • iCloud - Good integration with Mac OS and iOS. fast access on mobile devices. But their delivery quality is not reliable. please google "icloud email silent filtering".
  • - Their tech stack is solid. UI is hard to use. Access speed is slow. too many ADs.
  • Yahoo - Too many Ads. there are many delays in receiving messages. webmail UI just sucks.
  • Zoho - Too complicated. It's a CRM system rather than an email system.
  • ProtonMail - Good privacy protection. but mailbox is too small with only 1GB. both webmail and mobile loading are slow.
  • - Only Germany language available. too many ADs. the delivery quality is good.
  • - Only France registration available. very basic email fuctions. but the quality is reliable.
  • - Bad quality on user experience and messages delivery. both mobile and web app are hard to use.
  • - Not bad systems. fast access, good delivery quality. but webmail is really hard to use. mobile App also sucks.
  • - The system itself is solid. too many ADs. both webmail and mobile App are slow.

So from my experience, gmail is still the best on this world.