,, are really great email products which you should consider to use.

Their advantages:

  • Very solid service, made in German.
  • Free forwarding. Even and has no free forwarding today.
  • SRS enabled for forwarding. As the comparison, has no SRS, their forwarding is not reliable.
  • Besides,, etc, there are many fun domains available for alias addresses. See screenshot below.
  • Their alias addresses are real sender addresses. This sender identity can be accessed from clients such as thunderbird.
  • Their alias domains all have DKIM signed.
  • Powerful filters such as auto deletion, forwarding etc.
  • Big drive for file sharing. For me it's 108GB free storage, with webdav enabled.

Screenshot one - many alias domains available.

Screenshot two - big cloud drive for files.

I know Germany well, so I am happy with GMX Mail and cloud storage. If you are not familiar with Germany, you can go with the helps of google translator. I highly recommend GMX mail service at any time.