My car is Maserati Levante, 3.0t V6 power, four-wheel drive with chassis lift. At that time, it landed 150,000 US dollars (local price). There are many cars to choose from at this price, such as Mercedes-Benz GLE, Range Rover Sport, Audi Q8, etc.

Why did I choose Maserati? This is mainly influenced by DC animation. I like the heroes in DC, and I also like watching DC movies. Especially Batman starring Ben and Wonder Woman starring Gal are two heroes I like very much.

But Batman does not have a Batmobile in reality, and Wonder Woman does not have a car. In reality, Neptune's Poseidon Fork corresponds to a Maserati. So, as a fan of DC, I bought a Maserati.

The advantages of Maserati are elegant appearance, pleasant sound and good driving experience. The huge front of the car, with a Poseidon fork as the logo, looks romantic and imposing. The sound wave has always been the advantage of this car. When the speed rises, the sound is as beautiful as an orchestra. Of course, the driving experience is also great. The steering is sensitive, the body stability is good, and the air suspension of the chassis brings a comfortable ride.

There are also downsides to this car. The main problem is that the interior is backward and looks like a car from the last century. Especially now that we have entered the era of electric vehicles, Maserati's car-machine system has been seriously behind. In addition, the electronic system is not very stable, and there are many minor problems, such as the automatic lifting of windows is often not working.

Of course, there is no perfect car, and Maserati's century-old brand must have its advantages if it can persist. If it keeps pace with the times, improves the interior and car systems, and improves quality control, then it can maintain its glory. Otherwise, facing the impact of electric vehicles, Maserati's development will be difficult.