As we can see from the pic below, city Shenzhen now has 10 admin regions.

But when I went to Shenzhen twenty years ago, there were only 6 regions. They are:

  • Bao'an District since 1992
  • Nanshan District since 1990
  • Futian District since 1989
  • Luofu District since 1979
  • Longgang District since 1992
  • Yantian District since 1998

The changes to regions in recent years include:

  • Guangming District was splited from Bao'an in 2007
  • Longhua District was splited from Longgang in 2011
  • Pingshan District was new added in 2009
  • Dapeng District was new added in 2011

I think I shall be quite strange to this city now.