Yes you know, XYA Mail, a new email hosting for everyone.

For 2022 BF special offer, it only needs 4 USD/y (renewal with the same price) with these features:

  • One mailbox with 1 GB size.
  • Multi-sender identities, either or your own domains.
  • You can add up to 30 customized domains.
  • All domains have DKIM enabled by default.
  • Unlimited aliases for personal domains.
  • Automatic mail backup in the backend.
  • Direct API access for hosting features, such as domain management, alias management.

For privacy care you may know:

  • We don't use cookies except webmail (even squirrelmail you can disable cookie).
  • We don't require mobile or another email address for verification.
  • We don't scan your messages for any reasons.
  • All passwords were stored encrypted.
  • We are in good financial capacity, won't run away, :)

Please order from here with this special offer:

(not available anymore)

If you have met any issues please feel free to contact us by either email [email protected] or telegram XYAMail.